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Sunday, July 1, 2012

First Hair Cut

Wow, it's been a while.. again! I so enjoy reading everyone else's blogs, but I have the hardest time finding the time and motivation to do my own! There are a few posts I've had in my head for a while about play dates and water time fun that I may just never get to, but I wanted to go ahead and do this one before the moment passed..
It seems like it took forever for Henry's hair to come in, I always forget that until I look at pictures up to even his first birthday where he was till pretty bald. Once it came in, though, it was so cute! I love his little curls in the back of his head. When he started getting big curls that stuck out like wings on the side of his head, we decided it was time to get it cut.. and a few months later we finally did!

Here are some photos we took a few weeks ago to document his baby curls..

We took him to see Beverlee, a lady who has been cutting Chad's hair for years. At first he screamed when Chad tried to put him in the little kiddy seat she had, but he did great with me holding him, even though he was pretty tired. 

It seems that he's going to have his dad's hair line in the front!

Too tired for a smile, but not too tired for a cookie! 


  1. What a sweet boy!! Great hair cut...can't wait to see it in person!! :)

  2. I love it! Elijah is on the verge of needing one, too.