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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Overdue Updates!

I think I can give up on getting a full post on all of the things I just downloaded from my camera, so I'll just make some quick notes and try to get them all covered! I'll try to go in chronological order to keep the randomness to a minimum.

Half Marathon
This was my fourth year to run the Gainesville Five Points of Life Half Marathon (took last year off when I was preggo).  I managed to finish in a reasonable time (for me) and ran the whole time, which is my main goal. My official time was 2:23, 37th in my age group.  I didn't realize until the next week when I finally cleaned out my camelback that I had only had about a quarter of my Gatorade (I usually suck it dry on the shorter training runs..). So that helps to explain why I was sick with dehydration the whole night and ended up having to get some IV fluids the next day. Embarrassing? Yes.

Chad and Henry met me at the finish line, I was so happy to see them!

Grandma Overman
A few days before the race we received the sad news that Chad's grandmother, Lynn Ora Overman, had passed away. She had been sick for the previous few weeks, but prior to that, at 95, was leading a fairly healthy and independent life. She was with us at a football game just a few months before, one of her favorite things to do! We will remember her life and legacy of faith often, but especially when we are sitting in her seats cheering for the Gators! The day after my race (once my IV fluids finished) we headed to Pensacola to celebrate her life. Everyone wore orange and blue to the memorial service in her honor.

Splash Park
All last summer I was wanting to take Henry to the splash park in Alachua and never made it. Well, this year, it was first on the list! It's so much easier to do outings now that he skips his morning nap, not to mention having a new friend living nearby who motivates me to go do things (thank you Jamie!)! I think Henry is now at the perfect age to enjoy it. He loves the water and really enjoyed having the freedom to run around and do what he wanted (unlike at the beach!). Hopefully we will make lots of visits there this summer. 

The glare on my camera was so bad,  I couldn't really see what I was snapping.  I promise he was smiling more than the pictures show!

Homasassa Springs Park
I went with Mom and my Aunt Sissie and the girls to Homasassa Springs State Park for the day. I didn't get too many pictures, but we had a fun day and got to see lots of wildlife!

We made a pretty impromptu visit to the beach last week and had a blast! The kids all enjoyed it and the weather was perfect. It's so nice getting to spend days outside in the brief time before it becomes sweltering! Thank you, Suzanne, for planning a fun trip!
Esther, Corbin, Lucas, Henry and Adeline


  1. Ahhh! Good times! I'm thankful for the cold weather today but your blog makes me wish it was warm enough for a splash park or beach visit! More to come!

  2. Soo good to hear even the little updates from you guys. It is so fun when you get to watching them enjoy things. And a wonderful finish for the 1/2. Impressive!!!! I miss that splash park.

  3. Sounds like you and Henry have been quite busy!! but, mostly fun stuff.....Grandma Overman did leave a wonderful legacy....a Christian Family!! :)