"I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me." Galations 2:20

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Deviled Eggs are in fact of the Devil

I used to love Deviled Eggs. I would often offer to make them to take to share at holidays and even used to think it was cool that I could sometimes get the entire shell off in one piece. Then, last year sometime, I was up at midnight cooking the night before a get together and was very disappointed that my eggs were not peeling very well, they came out all mangled, but I went ahead and made them and my family graciously ate them even though they looked like they were made by a bunch of small children. Actually, I think that happened at least twice.
Then I was at Bed Bath and Beyond one day and in the check out line I saw this: 
I should have known by the "as seen on TV" sticker, that it would be a disaster, but somehow I was sucked in to the magical idea of "perfect" eggs. Long story short- they were disgusting and went in the trash after the first use. 
Fast forward to tonight. I decided I wanted to have some Deviled Eggs tomorrow for our Easter dinner. We just had some at friends house the other night. They were perfect, so surely it's still possible for chickens to lay peelable eggs, right?  Just for fun, I re-Googled "how make perfect hard boiled eggs", which is how I have made them in the past when it worked, I thought I just must have forgotten a step or something. The top 3-4 recipes were pretty much the same all claiming that the eggs come out perfectly cooked and easy to peel. So, I figured it was a sure thing and went ahead and dove in with all 18 eggs. Fill the pot with water cold water and some salt.. put the eggs in.. bring to a boil.. turn off heat.. cover and wait. How hard can that be? I pulled one out to test, it didn't peel, but also wasn't quite cooked, so I waited a few more minutes then tried again. Perfectly cooked but the shells are permanently attached to the whites so I ended up with mangled stupid looking eggs again! My goodness! 

my sketchy, mangled stupid eggs
My apologies friends and family, I will not be serving Deviled Eggs tomorrow. I've decided Sweet Potato Casserole is pretty much "heavenly" (and hard to mess up), so I'll stick with it.  

On a more serious note... thankfully, the celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord will not be affected by the absence or presence of any silly eggs. Or bunnies, or anything else for that matter! Praise the Lord for the sacrifice He made for my sins. I have been reminded repeatedly lately of how imperfect I am and it makes me all the more thankful that He died in my place, taking the punishment that I deserved so that I might glorify HIM with my life. Thank you Jesus! 

Can't have a blog post without some pictures of Henry, now can I?

Quiet time in his crib "reading"
Are these two related or what?


  1. How funny!!! I had to stay up and see if you were 'serious' when you said you were going to blog about your 'deviled' eggs!!!??! Surely, someone out there is 'blog-land' will know what the secret is to 'perfect' hard boiled eggs!! :) I know we will enjoy your sweet potato casserole!!! Love you!!! :)

  2. Hey Annie!!! Do you shock the eggs in an ice water bath as soon as they're done boiling? That's my secret to the 'perfect' hard boiled egg. Although, I'm not so sure it's actually my secret ;). Try it! Happy Easter to your precious family!

  3. According to Alton Brown: Run cold water over your cooked eggs. When cooled, gently tap it against a counter or side of the sink. Rotate it with the intention of cracking as much of the surface of the shell as possible. When you've cracked everywhere there is to crack, take the egg and roll it gently between the palms of your hands. This loosens the membrane just under the fragmented shell. Now turn the egg until you find an air space, or gap, between the shell and the egg white beneath. Submerge the egg in cold water and start peeling from this spot. There you have it! Everyone loves deviled eggs as much as you do. So, don't stop making them:-) Happy Easter, Don and Beth Clerico

  4. So many things I thought about to say :) but suffice to say we all love you anyway! Besides, you can always make egg salad out of them. Here's my confession...I have southern blood running through my veins and my family has eaten fried foods daily their whole lives, yet I'm terrible at frying things! It's not hard, but I'm bad at it.

  5. Annie....Beverly told me tonight that her 'secret' is to use very 'fresh' eggs. She has been using ones that she gets from her mom, her mom has her own chickens, and she hasn't had any problems. Now, those are 'fresh' eggs!! Good luck!!

  6. who needs eggs deviled :) love the egg salad idea! maybe we can buy them. I think publix sells them. Plus just what you did... just look at Henry and everything is just fine :)