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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Salt Springs Reunion

A few weekends ago we had our annual "Salt Springs Reunion". This is an annual getting together of my mom's side of the family (my aunts, uncles and cousins) and although we call it "salt springs" we actually stay on Lake Kerr, across the street from the Spring and usually just hang out at the lake and pool the whole time. We had a good time again this year and Henry enjoyed some more pool time and visiting with all of his little cousins. 

not so sure about this thing!

Steven, cooking us some delicious BBQ!

Now he's overseeing while his brother and my dad do the dirty work of chopping it up..

Cousin Faye and Essie, possibly with some newly painted nails :)

My brother and I, discussing something very important I'm sure.

Addy and her daddy

This is a very dangerous thing to do with our baby who constantly spits up!

Henry and Papa

The family, eating and celebrating Uncle George's 75th Bday. There were 50 of us!


  1. How fun!!! You guys always do such a great job celebrating! Miss ya'll.

  2. What fun memories!! I think next year it 'may' be at the river, instead of Salt Springs!! :)

  3. Hi Annie. I just saw your comment on my blog. I have tried to leave comments on your blog before but I had some trouble. I saw you visited Pensacola a while back and I am from that area. Our boys are very close in age. When was Henry born? Patrick was born February 20th. So awesome to see another Type 1 going through the same things as me. :)