"I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me." Galations 2:20

Friday, July 22, 2011

Our 4th of July weekend with Friends

This story begins about 5 years ago when two girls desperately in need of friends met in Sunday School.. Chad and I were getting ready to move to our new house and this girl I had just met offered to come help me pack. Angela showed up at the door with a bag of gumballs and two ice cold diet cokes. Seriously? God must have planned this friendship!!  We had so much fun over the next four years and thankfully our husbands even seem to get along, if nothing else so they could laugh and shake their heads at their spastic wives. As fate would have it (yeah, right.. we all know it was God's perfect plan) we both found out we were pregnant within 4 days of each other.. and then two weeks later they moved to Kansas!! We were both so bummed to be saying good bye as we forged this new chapter in our lives, but there's nothing like a life growing inside of you to keep friends close and give you something to talk about, right?! Their twins, Sam and Avery, were born 11 days after Henry. And, would you believe, they brought them, at 5 months, to come visit us! What a blessing!! I have to say it was actually less chaotic than I imagined, having 4 adults and 3 babies in our humble little house for a weekend, but it was so much fun!!

Sweet Avery

Surprised Sam


Tyler's parents were nice enough to come help with all the "extra baggage"


  1. I mean, PRECIOUS!!! So glad you guys got to reconnect in person. Those beautiful kids! Everybody looks so rested.

  2. What a wonderful weekend!!! So glad ya'll got to 'reconnect' with your babies, too!! :)

  3. So glad that they were able to come for a visit. Seeing all of the babies together is just precious! Glad you were able to make fun memories and play Scrabble!!:)

  4. Aw! So amazing!! God is so so great huh? I love how he clearly planned this friendship from the start of time. So cool to see you two doing the mommy thing, just perfect. Glad you had a great visit! Those babies are just precious I could eat them up!