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Friday, June 10, 2011

In my mind I'm going to Carolina... (plus other random events this month)

  Ok, we actually went to SC, not just sang about it, but I do love that song and always have it playing in my head as we are driving to my favorite state. We went to Columbia to celebrate Eli's first birthday, he is planned to be Henry's BFF, so it's about time we let the two fellas meet! Henry did great on the ride up there, but I think on the way back he was way over being in his car seat. We had to stop and do some outlet mall shopping to give him a break ;).

Here's one reason why I think SC is so cool..

In case you can't tell, this is the pretty brick entrance to SC from I-95. Classy.

We had a great visit with friends and enjoyed celebrating the big "1" with Eli. Eli's mom, Pam,  and I have been friends since high school and it's fun now to get together with our little families. You should make a mental note of Eli Hester, one day he's going to be a rockstar. His first word was guitar, and he got himself a real one for his birthday.

How sweet!
"Henry, you don't seem to have any teeth?"

We also got to see my friend, Natalie, while we were there, she's about to have her FOUTH baby. It was a little "busy" during that visit, so unfortunately we didn't get any pictures.

We went to Henry's 4 month check up last week. He weighed in at 14 lb, 3 oz, 37th percentile. Dr. Carter seemed pleased with his overall health and he was very brave getting all his shots. 
Henry's starting to explore new ways to play, he's seems to like the jumperoo and is holding himself up better in the bumbo seat these days. My favorite new thing is his belly laughing, once you get him going it's adorable to hear him laugh! He regularly rolls from his belly to back, but hasn't gone the other way yet. He coos/"talks" all the time, especially in response to someone, as if he's really trying to communicate. I was wanting to wait as long as possible to start him on solid foods, but he seems to be showing signs that maybe he'll be ready sooner than 6 months. He's also chewing on everything he can find and drooling everywhere, so maybe he's working on some teeth. Last night he actually slept 12 hours, but usually it's somewhere between 7 and 10. He is still amazingly happy most of the time, we feel very blessed!!!
I knew that Med/Surg book would come in handy one day!

With Meme and cousins at the Watermelon Parade


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  1. What a cute blog!! I like the pix of Eli checking out Henry's teeth!!! :) You look so happy in that pix, too! Henry is a real blessing to our family.