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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Three Months Already??

Wow, our little baby is growing up so fast! His days of fitting into newborn clothes and newborn diapers are long gone, so I guess I need to accept that he's just not a "newborn" anymore! It sinks in a little more when I see all of our friends brand new babies and realize how much bigger Henry is in comparison!
He has still been so much of a joy for us.  We continue to be amazed at how happy he is (most of the time), he gives the biggest smiles and it seems like he's almost laughing at times. At 12 weeks he's been consistently sleeping through the night for about a month and is good at entertaining himself during the day for longer periods. He's getting stronger, really pushing way up when he's on his tummy and is starting to "coo" more and more.
Due to my blogging slackness, I think I'll just combine a bunch on events into this one post with much less explanation than I would like to give. Here we go:

Congratulations, Dad--  Mayor of Newberry (Looks like the sun is shining only on him)!

Tummy time

He enjoys the Bumbo for a few minutes before slumping over.

Our little family on Easter Sunday. Thankful for a Risen Savior and dear family to celebrate with. 

A very happy Meme

Addy LOVES holding baby Henry, they are both so sweet with him. 

H's first piano lesson


  1. Great pixs...it's been a busy month!! :)

  2. Yay for updates! Keep 'em coming.

    I cant believe he's 3 months either.

  3. so cute. great post! 3 months already - say what!