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Saturday, April 30, 2011

First Road Trip!

Henry (and his parents) survived his first long road trip. We were so excited to have the chance to take our little man to Pensacola to introduce him to the rest of his family, including his church family at First Baptist Pensacola.
Henry with Aunt Melody

Playing with Papa

He did well in the car, although our plan for me to pump in the car and give him a bottle pretty much was a disaster, starting with me putting the wrong top on the bottle and spilling milk all over the place. With stopping to get him out and burp him anyway, it really didn't seem to save much time, so the ride home went much smoother with just stopping to nurse him when we were eating anyway.
He had JUST started sleeping though the night that week, then got his shots, then we went on a road trip. I was sure that would set us back a few weeks, but to my surprise he did great. His little routine was pretty trashed the first night, but then he settled back in and did well.
He got to meet his other cousins, Jonas and Nyla, and got the news that he has one more on the way! (Congratulations to Tommy and Melody!) We also found out that Chad's sister and family, who live in California, are looking for jobs in Pensacola to move back this summer, also very exciting news for the Overman family.
Henry with Jonas, Nyla and Aunt Becca

Henry got to meet his Great Grandma Overman, and celebrate her 95th birthday with everyone.
Grandma O, Henry, and the paparazzi! 

As if it wasn't already clear enough that Henry looks like his dad..

I've been working on this post for about a month now!  I've got to streamline this process!! (Henry was about 8 weeks old for the roadtrip, he's almost 13 now.


  1. Welcome to the world of motherhood and blogging!! Yeah for Henry doing soo well!! Now you can go anywhere~maybe Macon, we're much closer!!! So cute.

  2. What a great picture story of your trip to P'Cola....so glad ya'll got a good pix with Grandma O....so special.