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Saturday, September 11, 2010

So Many Fun Things..

Well, I didn't realize it until I finally sat down to post, but we've had quite a few fun things going on! How nice to have something to write about other than my blood sugars!
For starters, college football has begun! I really do enjoy this time, and was so excited for the first game. Well, the actual "game" turned out to be a bit of a disappointment, but I'm sure our boys will have their act together by the next one! We still had a good time and enjoyed getting to visit with some more Overmen! After pretty easily surviving the summer without cable, and then trying to limp by with ESPN 3 online for football season, I was actually the one to say that it just didn't quite seem right last Saturday. So, the digital cable with DVR is on it's way back into our lives!

Then, we got to spend Labor Day out at the river with the Conrads.. always a good time. And, yes, I got to do some pregnant skiing, thanks everyone for making sure that happened; my summer is now complete.  And thank you, Tilleys, for introducing us to a new game. We had quite the "Settlers of Catan" battle on Sunday night!

And yes, that is a picture of Chad skiing, not me. Honestly, the ones of me are not on my camera, but I can't imagine that I would have wanted to post them anyway! 

Tuesday morning was our next excitement for the week- Groundbreaking for our Workshop!  We are both so excited to be getting this under way. Thank you, Dad for making this happen!!



  1. Fun times! Forget those silly blood sugars and have a little more fun!

  2. Great pictures...it does seem like ALOT has been going on!! I like your 'game bag'. :)