"I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me." Galations 2:20

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Disney and my growing belly!

I was excited last week when I realized I was actually not working on the day that Suzanne was taking the girls to Hollywood Studios, so I tagged along. It was HOT, but we had a great time!!

Well, my belly is going through a very awkward and transitional stage right now that causes a wardrobe crisis just about every morning. I'm looking forward to having an actual and obvious "baby bump" rather than feeling like I've just put on a few too many pounds around the waistline! I went back to the doctor yesterday after my week off. I suppose I should say that overall he gave me a good report, and I got to hear the heart beating again which is always fun. My blood sugars are still definitely better than they have ever been, but I can't help but to be getting rather frustrated with my doctor. Thank you Chad for patiently listening to me vent afterwards! The next time he laughs me off when I complain about having too many lows and says they really aren't that bad, I think I may jump off the table and jab him with a syringe full of insulin and then sit and wait until he gets down to 32 and see how he thinks it feels.  Yikes, maybe it's still too fresh on my mind to be blogging about it!!  Try not to panic, I won't really do that, and I'm probably exaggerating his reaction a bit, too. Now that I'm officially in the second trimester, I have a feeling the days will be coming where I'll be dealing more with highs than lows, so I'll try not to dwell too much on the current issues. Although I don't like the lows, it's the highs that are not good for little Baby O. Your prayers for overall good control and health for the baby are still much appreciated!


  1. Annie you made me actually laugh out loud, the image of you jumping off the table to stab your doctor was too funny. =) I am glad to hear the good news and we will keep on praying!!! Give your little baby bump a pat from us.

  2. Um...can you get a new doctor? I'd prefer that to you delivery little baby O in jail.

    Poke your belly out and be proud of it! It's either that or unsuccessfully attempting to suck it in and being miserable. Babies dont suck in very well.