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Monday, September 17, 2012

Lions, Tigers and Bears.. Oh My!!

Ok, so I don't think we saw a tiger or a bear.. but definitely some lions at the Jacksonville Zoo. Chad enjoyed the fact that I thought a lion without a mane was a tiger, but I quickly agreed that Tony the Tiger has stripes, so maybe I just wasn't thinking clearly at the time.  Anyway.. we had a great time. Chad was asked to go to Jacksonville to do some computer work and he figured we might as well make a little family trip out of it, so we did. And I guess we plan to go back, because we went ahead and signed up for a year long pass. If anyone is up for a zoo trip, let me know!

Chad calls Henry "Panda" for some reason, so this was fun
You should see the outtakes of this one.. Henry was totally freaking
out and ended up causing me to bang my head on the metal elephant. Ouch!
This might have been his favorite part, it was pretty fun
to get to feed the giraffe

Penguins!! An Overman family favorite.. looks like Henry will
fit in!

We managed to make the whole "loop" in 2 hours, but that didn't include playing at the splash park or much on the playground, so there is certainly more exploring to do. I think I was most intrigued by the anteater. What a strange looking creature!!! There were a lot of animals there that just made me really stop and be in awe of the imagination of our God!

Chad was there too, but the nice camera was tied around his neck, so he didn't make it in any of the photos.. let's see, I think I might have snapped one of him on my phone:


  1. Yay! Fun times! I must say that I also enjoyed the fact that you thought that a lion without a mane was a tiger. Ha! It's funny the things we sometimes dont remember from elementary school :) You need to watch more PBS. Anway, I'm glad you liked it and we'd be up for a zoo trip sometime.

  2. Looks like so much fun!!! I like the underwater shots....how neat!! I guess if you went with a veterinarian, she could identify the animals for you!! :)