"I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me." Galations 2:20

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Randomness- warning, this is a long one!

Henry Update:
Yes, as of Monday our little man has been with us for six whole weeks. He seems to be getting enough to eat (notice second chin below) and was up to over 9 pounds at his last visit to the doctor.  He still wants to eat about every 3 hours on average, though I have, twice, gotten five hours out of him at night. Usually it's 2.5-4 though.  He's really starting to stay awake more and be more interactive. Last week I started getting really big smiles. At first I wasn't sure if they were intentional or not, but they are pretty consistent now, so I'm convinced. He's also starting to hold his head up more on his own. I've been reading my devotions to him in the morning and I'm sure he is becoming quite fond of Beth Moore!  I'll spare you any pictures of his bum, but just know that it is still a problem! Grrr!

Look at those cheeks!!

Henry's first trip to the river. He loved it, of course, and had a great time visiting with family. 

At the river with Aunt Su and cousin Addy. Addy and Essie just adore him! They are such good little mommies. 

This is the Bill Conrad Cooking Show.. the production of him making his "famous" paiella. Always delicious. 

Happy Grandparents!! Meme and Papa with their three sweet grandkids!
We're looking forward to a visit from Chad's folks this weekend and in a few weeks we'll make our first road trip to Pensacola to meet some more cousins! 

Henry had is first photo shoot courtesy of of my friend Christy, she's awesome!

Workshop update:
Well, in case anyone is wondering what happened to that ol' workshop that used to consume all of our time and blog posts prior to us having an adorable baby to take pictures of.. 
Chad is loving it and has filled it right up with all his stuff. He really seems to enjoy the space and tinkering with all of his machines.  We can't thank dad enough- he even came in under budget!
Here he is, living the dream. (designing and making things from acrylic)

He's holding some sort of box that he made and hopes to use at work (feel free to ask him about it if that is not a satisfactory explanation for you)

This (namely that black rectangle on the right) is his "laser" that you hear him talking about. 

Nursery Update:
I ordered some blocks from etsy that finally arrived a few weeks ago; I really like the way they turned out. There is still more decorating to be done, but so far the room has been working out well.  I think I heard Henry say "alligator" today. ;)

Finally something to put on that shelf, and I love the drawers from Chad's childhood room that he and his dad refinished for Henry's room.  

The changing table mom and dad nabbed for us from craigslist, finally with some decorations. 

See that big pile in the middle.. those would be all of the diaper rash creams that haven't work on Henry's booty.  I think we've added at least three more since that picture! 

Chad put up shelves in the closet for me. 

    Another shot of the decor mom made that I love!


  1. Yay for Baby Wise! I see it peeking from beside the crib! It all looks great! Now, if I could just get over there to see it in person!! Enjoy your company this weekend:)

  2. LOVE IT!!!! The baby, the nursery and all the pictures. He is so cute. I'll con't to pray about the diaper rash thing. Tough stuff~poor fella. Ya'll are doing a great job.

  3. Maybe we cant have a diaper rash cream swap party. Josiah is struggling with one right now that popped up yesterday. He hardly will let me touch him to do anything about it. Let me know about this diaper rash stuff you are talking about on FB. Anyway, everything looks great and he is as cute as ever - maybe even cuter?

  4. It's only been six weeks...but I can't imagine our family without 'baby Henry'....as Essie says!! :)