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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fastest Month Ever

I can't believe little Henry has already been with us for over a month! He has truly been such a blessing to our lives. To keep you up to date on all the amazing things that he is doing.. brace yourselves-- sometimes he stays awake for 15-20 minutes at a time, he squeaks and sighs and makes cute little noises when he sleeps, he sometimes seems to look right at our faces and will track some with his eyes (when you catch them open). He does some "smiles" and I quote, because they are the random, accidental ones.. However, a few days ago I got a big full faced smile while he was looking at me and I was convinced he did it on purpose, but I can't get him to repeat it, so maybe not. Either way it was very cute. I know, it doesn't sound like much, but who would have guessed those few little things would be enough to keep his mommy and daddy so entertained!
My main obstacle right now has been a nasty diaper rash that I can't seem to get rid of. And, in spite of what everything says online, I really have been changing his diapers OFTEN. Since non of the creams and ointments seem to be working (desitin, triple paste, butt paste, lotrimin, neosporin, maalox, calmoseptine, to name a few!) I've finally decided to not worry about the mess and just let him air out as much as possible. Actually, it's hasn't been that messy, I probably should have started this much sooner.  Thankfully, he is quite the little trooper because although I can hardly stand to look at his raw little butt cheeks, he doesn't seem too bothered by it.
I'll spare you any more details about the status of poor Henry's bum. How about some photos? (not of the bum)

Daddy sacrificing his scalp to give Henry some shade! 

Hey, that's almost a smile! Does anyone else think his hair is starting to look orange??


Henry with his buddy, Oliver, at a picnic at the park after church. Not sure what they are looking at, but they are very cute. And, yes, Henry's pants are a little big. 


  1. Ah! Look at those handsome boys! I think he looks great (not orange). I was just thinking tonight while TRYING to get Oliver to fall asleep, don't newborns always sleep?! Why am i trying to make mine sleep? :)

  2. Ha ha! Your blog has been babyfied! I like the new look and theme :) He's such a handsome fellow and yes, just looking at their sweetness at this age is enough.

  3. We were just looking last night at your blog (Joel too)and hoping you would post some new pictures. PRECIOUS! Is all I have to say. Diaper rashes are worse in FL! I'm convinced! Hang in there. You're doing great. He is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. You look great too!

  4. wow....I like your blog's new look!! The pictures are great....Henry looks so alert in them. the first one is precious, especially with you in the mirror!!! Love it!!! :)

  5. So sweet reading about you and your guys. :-) His hair does look a bit red to me. Adorable.

    Also... Claire had diaper-rash issues when she was a newborn and the doctor recommended eliminating baby wipes for a while (even the unscented ones). We switched to using just wet cloths, and it worked! I can't remember how long we stuck with it but I don't think it was more than a month or so. When we switched back to wipes, she was just fine. Don't know if that will work for Henry or not, but thought I'd mention it.