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Monday, November 29, 2010

More Progress..

Wow, the past few weeks sure have been busy! We've been working pretty continuously on the workshop and are getting closer and closer to being done. Here's some of the latest photos:
 Dad and Chad working on the wiring

 Chad's preparing the floor for epoxy... now it's blue and soon will have orange "flecks" ;)

Muddin'! (sanding drywall in the office)
- always loads of fun!

The Gators had a pretty unfortunate football season this year, but we still had a good time cheering them on. Mom, Dad and Marcus got to join us for the last couple of games. 


  1. Is he sure he still wants the floor to be orange and blue??? Jacob came home drooling after seeing Chad's shop the other day.

  2. Joel is also drooling over Chad's shop! He said for ya'll to come up and put one up here any time you want. I love your cute little belly in the last picture and way to be die-hard fans with the gators in such a season and you doing orange flecks on the floor. Miss you guys.