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Monday, November 1, 2010

Catching Up!

Wow, I guess it's a good thing I'm not a professional blogger, because it sure is hard to keep this thing up to date! I'm sure you've all been anxiously awaiting news of the latest happenings with the Overmans. Hmm.. maybe not!
On the pregnancy front- those of you who may have been worried that I was going to get in trouble for an assault on my less than friendly OB, you can relax.. I have a new doctor!! It could end up being a long story, but the bottom line is that God is SO GOOD and truly cares about every detail of our lives, so He worked it out for an easy switch to another high risk doctor in the same practice who is pretty much the nicest doctor I've ever met. Chad won't hesitate to say that we (I) needed the wake up call in the beginning to get my blood sugars under much tighter control, but I'm very thankful for the way it's worked out. Speaking of my blood sugars.. they have gotten a little trickier to control as of late, but I think we're doing ok.
Next.. the Gators. Since moving to Gainesville in 2005 we've won 4 national titles (in the sports I watch anyway), and, of course, have enjoyed cheering for Tebow, and overall just doing pretty well.  So, I must say it was pretty sad to walk out of the swamp after losing, again, to an unranked team, on HOMECOMING a few weeks ago! As I was in complete shock, Chad simply said "welcome to the 80s".  I guess you can't be in the top 10 every year, oh well! However, it is still GREAT to be a Florida Gator and we are still going to enjoy cheering them on for the rest of the season. It was nice to see a few changes-and a win- last week, so who knows what the rest of the season holds!

Henry's first Football Season!!

Chad sometimes gets annoyed that I make him pose for a picture at every game.. he seems to think they all look alike. Crazy, right? I'm clearly wearing a headband in one of these!

And, finally- The Workshop! Dad and his crew (ok, one guy named AC) were busy and it was pretty much done and ready for inspection within a few weeks! I was amazed at the progress.  Now Dad, Chad, and Uncle George are left to wire it for electricity, then we floor and drywall the office... THEN we will be ready to set up the nursery in Chad's old office. We're getting close! We've enjoyed the help of many Overman's on the weekends as we worked on a few small projects dad left for us, (painting, walls, etc.) Thanks everyone!
Thanks, Pop!


This is a view from the open workshop area, that doorway opens to Chad's new office.  

Henry's getting in on the action

Nice work, Dad, it looks great!!!!


  1. Yeah, finally getting caught up with the Overman's. Henry, tell your mother she's got to get on the ball with this blog thing b/c folks can't wait to hear about you and your parents~even about a workshop. Joel was reading over my shoulder admiring the workshop pictures. So thankful you have a new doctor~it really does make a big difference. Miss you guys, too. Can't wait to meet this little one. I got a girl who might be interested in an Henry the 6th!

  2. Good pixs!! You are so cute pregnant!! :)
    Ya'll have done a great job with the painting!!!

  3. Hey Stranger...remember me????

    I just saw on Facebook where Harriet had found your blog...so I had to come check it out myself. I'm horrible with keeping up with Facebook (trying to get better) so I had no idea you were expecting. CONGRATULATIONS.

  4. Hi Annie!

    I love your blog! You look adorable and if it wasn't for your belly, i wouldn't have known you were pregnant-you are so cute!!! I love Chad's beard, I thought you were in Alaska for a moment (just kidding). Anyway, miss you tons and talk to you soon (Friday?)!!

    Love ya,