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Monday, October 4, 2010

It's starting to look like a Workshop!

It's been exciting to come home almost every day and see all the progress made on our building! Dad and AC (AC is our very talented framer) have been working hard, and between the two of them, with Chad completing some homework assignments in the evenings, they've almost built the whole thing in a few weeks!
Dad, AC and a crane-putting up the trusses 

Chad, doing his "homework".  They finally gave him the nail gun (after he nailed about 500 nails by hand!).

Wow! We're getting close!


  1. A great looking workshop!! You must have the BEST contractor in the county!! :)

  2. Funny how having a baby makes folks build a workshop/shed! Looking good. Hope you are feeling good and so thankful with you guys for a healthy baby boy. Have some things I'm going to send your way via Amy. Take care. Miss you.