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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Word is Out!

Yay, we have finally started slowly sharing our news with other loved ones and friends, what a relief! Thank you to all of your who are so excited for us, your prayers are much appreciated! Well, on the blood sugar front.. things are not so hot. I guess overall, I'm still doing better than usual, but things are still pretty all over the place. Please know I am trying!  My OB has me seeing a diabetes educator that works with them next week, hopefully that will be helpful.
Well, in the world outside of babies and blood sugars.. We had a great Fourth of July celebration out at the river with some family and friends. I had to work on the actual holiday, so missed most of the fireworks (which is ok by me) and apparently, the rain. We got out there late Sunday night and enjoyed a great day of relaxing on Monday since everyone was off work. Chad and dad got to talk "workshop" plans.. hopefully we'll be starting that soon! Yay! Unfortunately I don't think I took a single picture, I guess if I'm going to amount to much of a blogger, I've got to start remembering to get out my camera!

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  1. We are soooo excited about your news!!! Can't wait to babysit for ya'll!!! :)