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Monday, January 23, 2012

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.. Bring on 2012!

Ok, so I am so behind in blogging that I am just going to have to hit the highlights of the latest happenings around here, and it will still likely end up being a longer post than anyone will want to read. Oh well!

We had a wonderful Christmas! Thankfully, celebrating Jesus' birth can be done anytime, and I really feel like and hope it's sort of the focus of the whole season, not just one particular day. Since, on that one particular day, I was at work and Chad was home with a sick baby.. We had fun celebrating and spending time with family on Christmas Eve (Conrads) and New Year's Eve (Overman), so we really got to stretch the celebration out all week. Poor Henry was a trooper and seemed to enjoy himself in spite of us ending up in the ER Christmas Eve night with a high fever and ear infection. Kids are so tough.

Henry LOVES his cousins!

Conrad Christmas

Grandma Overman and cousin Jonas entertaining Henry

Makenna and Melody

more fun with Overman cousins

Henry was sad to see all of the Christmas trees get packed up at the end of the season.. he LOVED them and would just start laughing whenever he got close to one. The other thing he loves right now? Nutrigrain bars. Really, he gets all excited and starts squealing and flapping his arms when I open the wrapper. On that note, he's really been enjoying his table foods. We've started ordering him his own little kid meals at restaurants and it's kind of fun. He was excited to try using the spoon himself the other day and did an ok job with it. Chad, of course, is hoping Henry will take after his father and be a very neat eater. So far he's looking pretty "Conrad" but we'll see!  He is still very good at entertaining himself, although lately that involves getting into to just about any and everything he can find around the house. It's fun to watch him explore. He's cruising around on furniture and with his walking toys, but is still pretty wobbly and unbalanced if you try to get him to walk on his own. He will stand alone for 5-10 seconds and seems pretty proud of himself when he does it. 

We went out to take some pictures last week and determined that it's hard to get a baby to look at a camera when there's no one standing behind it! (we used the timer to try to get some family shots) But we still got a few good ones before the sun went down. 
His smile won't be crooked much longer,
his 8th tooth appeared today after a month and a half break from teething

Thank you, Jesus, for the blessing of our little family!

For those who have asked, these were taken a mile from our house,
not at the beach.


  1. SOoooo good to hear from the Overman crowd!!! Joel and I both read it together, only 2 minutes after you posted it! Joel was pretty excited that we were staying on top of things :) INCREDIBLY cute. I remember feeling the same way about being able to order Luke a kid's meal! Miss you guys. Thanks for the Christmas card!!!

  2. What's this "nightclub guest list" comment??? Anyway... :)

    Such cute pictures! The first was my favorite until I saw the "beach" pictures.


  3. It was good to see more pixs of that cute Henry!!! Great post....wonderful memories!! :)