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Monday, October 17, 2011

On The Move!!

I keep putting off posting anything because I've been intending to make a little movie of all Henry's latest accomplishments, but the longer I wait the more things I have to add to the list! So, here's a quick little update.
Henry is 8 and a half months old and continues to amaze us with how happy he is. Praise the Lord for that attitude, I sure hope it continues and that it rubs off on mom and dad! He's really good at keeping himself entertained, I enjoy watching him talk and play. He sure doesn't like to be woken up from naps though, and he will gladly let you know if he hasn't had enough rest!

He's been eating like a champ and really seems to look forward to it.. we call that his "Conrad" side ;) . He's had all sorts of baby food plus whole green beans, cottage cheese (I just found out from the pediatrician that I started him on dairy a few weeks too early, but thankfully he seems to be tolerating it fine) cheerios, cheese puffs..

Last month he got his first teeth, I think it almost made me a little sad because he sure doesn't look like a little baby any more. It also made me sad because I think that was the start of our sleeping troubles at night! At first I blamed the teeth, then he had a cold, then I thought my milk production was low, then another cold, now he's just broken through some more teeth on the top.. So, that makes for about 2 months of broken sleep. He seems to be doing ok during the day though, so other than me missing those 10 hour stretches at night, it's not the end of the world.

He's crawling all over the place and is now starting to get a little more adventurous around the house. This week he's even started pulling himself up to standing. Time to lower the crib again, I saw him pull up in there today. 

Last weekend Chad and I made our first official "Pumpkin Patch" visit, thanks to Lindsey for getting us all there! We managed to make it out of there without an actual pumpkin, but did get a few photos.. 

Hmmm.. I guess that wasn't particularly "quick".  Oh well!


  1. I love his wide open mouth smiles!

    Cute post!


  2. Cute pictures!! I like the ones in the pumpkin patch, glad you got that in! He's is growing up too fast!! :)

  3. Oh my goodness he is such a cutie! So big now, love the pumpkin pics =)