"I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me." Galations 2:20

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh the frustration!

Well, to start with, frustrating thing number 1-- Tyler and Angela left today!!  We have known for the 4 years that we've been friends that this day was coming. Our denial strategy didn't seem to get us very far and it was still quite sad when we finally had to wave farewell.  Guess it's time to plan a trip to Kansas!

Frustration number 2 for the day?  My blood sugars! No surprise I guess. After having near perfect numbers at work yesterday and pretty much deciding that I had finally mastered this control thing, I wake up today only to discover that doing the exact same thing is failing miserable today (minus the being at work part, but I don't think working every day could possibly be the answer!). Maybe it's the prego hormones kicking in, maybe yesterdays low numbers were related to exercising the day before, maybe the walk into work yesterday increased my metabolism, maybe I was stressed today about seeing my endo. I'm not sure what, but ever since my taco salad last night it's been hello 200s. (I even counted out the tortilla chips, I never do that!). Since, however, my doctor only saw up to yesterdays numbers, he was fairly pleased, and my a1c was down to 6.9.. not perfect, but in the right direction.
Well, I'm going for a walk.. the hot sun is bound to take my sugar down a few points!

Here's a link to my blood sugars if you're interested.. You have to click on the tab at the bottom with the most recent date.


  1. Hi Annie! Well I finally have some time to myself and got started on your great blog! This first made me cry, you have no idea how much I miss you! So much to catch up on, hopefully we will catch up tonight or tomorrow. Have a blessed day friend! Much love, Ang

  2. What a great pix of the four of ya'll!!!

  3. Have you changed your site since the 11th?? pretty impressive how organized, logging in food and checking often!! way to go??